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We understand that every business is unique.Our strategies are tailored to the specific needs of each client.

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Our focus on measurable results allows you to see and evaluate the impact of our efforts on your business.
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WordPress Solutions

Our web design agency IT Hunter creates beautiful and functional websites using the WordPress CMS. WordPress is one of the world’s most popular website creation platforms. Our web developers will create for you an attractive and functional website that meets all the requirements of your business.

A leader in the field of web design, IT Hunter agency, will develop a unique website design for you. Our designers will create a modern and attractive website design. Trust us to make your website stand out from others, attract attention, and at the same time fully meet the needs of your business.

Our SEO specialists will carry out search engine optimization of your website. We will do an SEO audit of your site and give recommendations for making changes to the site, we will place backlinks, which will increase the visibility of your site in search results. With our help, you will achieve high rankings, attract targeted traffic and strengthen your brand’s position on the Internet.

Our team will develop a functionally convenient application for smartphones and tablets on iOS or Android. We specialize in creating mobile applications: from simple to complex business applications and games. Trust us with your ideas and we will turn them into functional and modern applications that meet all your requirements.

SEO agency IT Hunter is ready to effectively implement social media marketing (SMM) for your brand. We will create a promotion strategy taking into account the characteristics of your audience and ensure maximum presence on social networks. Effective campaigns, increased engagement and strengthening your online presence is what we guarantee.

Our digital marketing agency is ready to conduct comprehensive market research for your business. We will analyze competitors, evaluate their promotion strategies, and identify market trends to provide invaluable information to ensure your business grows. This research will create additional growth points for your business.









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    Our achievements in working with clients:

    • Objective: Rethinking the brand for increased recognition.
    • Outcome: 30% increase in brand recognition, improved brand ranking.
    • Objective: Boosting engagement on social media.
    • Outcome: 40% increase in followers, 25% growth in engagement.
    • Objective: Drawing attention to a new product.
    • Outcome: Audience coverage in 30+ markets, 20% increase in product awareness.
    • Challenge: Turning around a declining e-commerce store.
    • Solution: Implementing targeted SEO, social media campaigns, and UX improvements.
    • Result: 50% increase in online sales within six months.

    SEO is crucial for any business as it improves the site's ranking in search results, attracts potential customers, and improves the user experience.

    SEO for Dental Clinics
    SEO for Travel Agencies
    SEO for Gift Shops
    SEO for Law Firms
    SEO for Clothing Stores
    SEO for Car Rental Services
    SEO Real Estate Market
    SEO Hotel Industry

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