7 WordPress plugins for Facebook

To attract regular and new readers from a social network, you just need to choose the right plugins to publish and distribute your content to its users. In this article, we will look at a selection of such plugins to solve the key tasks of distributing, publishing and adding content to Facebook newsfeeds and chronicles.

1. Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox


Use this plugin to inform readers about your Facebook page.You don’t need an API key. You can display the Facebook information box with a delay or immediately after pages load.

2. Sharebar

A plugin that will add a panel with pop-up social buttons to your website. This panel is quite flexible in customisation and allows you to specify the buttons and their order to your liking on a separate options page.

3. Social Locker

Another plugin that will help you get more likes on your posts. The plugin can be customised, and you can also enable blocking for different types of content.

4. Foobar Toolbar


One of the best plugins for creating a notification panel that we came across for testing. It can be flexibly customised, add profiles from social networks to it, promote special promotional offers for social network users, add other information that will be useful to your site visitors.

5. Facebook Traffic Pop

A plugin for more aggressive promotion on Facebook. Page content is blocked by a pop-up that encourages visitors to share the page on Facebook or click on the Like button.

6. WP Greet Box

With this plugin you can display a welcome message to website visitors depending on where they came from on your page. The plugin is suitable for aggressive targeting.

7. WordPress Exit Strategy Pro

A plugin for redirecting external links through a special page. We don’t like this technique ourselves, but it can be used to convert links into likes.


Using one or more of these plugins, do not forget that too aggressive tactics to promote your pages in social networks can repel a certain part of your readers. Always try to act in a balanced way and not only collect likes, but also monitor your audience’s reaction to your content promotion techniques.

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