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Almost every company that sells goods offline also offers them in its own online store. The reasons for this are very simple: there is no need to pay for the physical lease of space, their repair, interior design or spending on utilities. Of course, there are usually web hosting fees or costs to maintain or set up the store, but these are small, and there is always a price advantage with an online resource compared to a physical store.

Getting into online trading is the right business decision because you can reach a much larger number of potential customers online than offline. Especially if you create your online store with WordPress, you can significantly increase your sales and reach more geographical regions with little time.

In WordPress, adding new features and functionality to your online store is made possible by installing various plugins and extensions. This gives you the freedom to tailor your store to suit your business requirements.

Moreover, the cost of creating an online store on WordPress can be noticeably lower than on alternative platforms. Numerous themes and plugins are available for free or at affordable prices, allowing you to save on both development and maintenance costs.

WooCommerce: the most popular plugin for creating online stores on WordPress

WooCommerce is the most used plugin for creating online stores within WordPress. Known for its robust features and user-friendly interface, WooCommerce has gained widespread acceptance among business owners all over the world.

With WooCommerce you can create and manage online stores of varying complexity. This plugin offers a variety of features including product and order management, payment processing, shipping coordination, discount application, analytics, and more.


The key feature of WooCommerce is its flexibility.

Advantages of building a WordPress store with WooCommerce:

  • Diverse customization options through extensions and themes. 
  • User-friendly interface for seamless management of products and orders.
  • Abundance of free and premium extensions to enhance store functionality.
  •  Integration with multiple payment systems and delivery services for convenient transactions and order fulfillment.
  • Support for various product types, including physical goods, digital items, subscriptions, services, and more.

Downsides of establishing a WordPress store with WooCommerce:

  • Regular updates are necessary for security and optimal store performance.
  • Potential issues and conflicts between extensions may disrupt store functionality.
  • Setting up and maintaining the store demands extra time and effort, particularly for WordPress novices.
  • Inadequate server configuration may result in site performance slowdown with numerous products and active users.

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