CMS Opencart: pros and cons

OpenCart is an online store platform. Can be installed on any web server that supports PHP and MySQL. It is non-commercial and distributed free of charge under the GNU General Public License. OpenCart is built on the MVC principle and supports multi-shop.

Designed directly for creating an online store with a full set of functions and requiring minimal effort during installation and configuration, and is also very easy to administer, because does not have unnecessary components, so it may not be suitable if the online store is part of the main site. The code in OpenCart follows the basic principles of the Model-View-Controller pattern, while the structure is very simple, being an excellent framework for creating an online store of any complexity.

Convenient and practical for SEO

The CMS also has good search engine optimization functionality for an online store for search engines, for example, the ability to enter page URLs manually. For any product or category, you can add a title tag, meta tags and headings. You can also sign photos very simply.

Integrated payment systems

You can integrate popular payment systems in Ukraine into the CMS, such as LiqPay, Wayforpay, Fondy, including international ones: 2CheckOut, Authorize, iPayment, RuPay. But there are also opportunities for integrating electronic payment systems (electronic money): PayPal, WebMoney.

Reporting system

OpenCart has its own reporting system: you can set up detailed reports on orders placed, returns, and the most popular products.
OpenCart has a significant number of settings that allow you to effectively present products in an online store, link discounts and promotions to specific products, as well as create an affiliate program and set up various delivery options. In addition, your own sales statistics are not an unimportant advantage for online store sales analytics.

Main disadvantage of OpenCart

One of the most serious disadvantages can be considered CNC, because… problems happen to him. The problem with the 404 code is that the page simply does not return the 404 error; as a result, the search engine still perceives the deleted page as real and continues to index it. That is, from the point of view of search engine optimization, there is a danger that the index of your site will be cluttered with “garbage”. Work with SEO is not fully debugged (the ability to view the same pages at different URLs, but the problem is solved by installing the seo module seo_pro, which is already included in the build of the Russian opencart community – ocStore) (most problems are solved with the help of additional extensions).

Main advantage OpenCart

The main advantage of the OpenCart engine is definitely the import into Excel

Advantages of OpenCart over competitors

It is possible to install Google Analytics for the user without affecting the code.
Ease of setting up reports on orders received, goods returned, etc.
In addition to all of the above, OpenCart has the ability to issue discount coupons and gift certificates, link discounts and promotions to specific products, and create your own working affiliate program to expand your business.

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